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OntoCommons project has started!

The H2020 project #OntoCommons has officially started on the 1st of November 2020 with 18 other partners. The OntoCommons project overall objective is to bring together and coordinate activities of the most relevant EU stakeholders for the development of an…

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H2020 Project SmashHit started!

The Horizon2020 project smashHit has officially started on 1st January 2020! After the successful Kickoff-Meeting in Bremen the project consortium is now aiming to assure trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms, needed to…

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Research Report 2017

In 2017 the Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH (ATB) successfully continued its strategy for the implementation of applied research. Among others, the following indicators clearly show the effectiveness of the approach: ATB successfully acquired two additional important research…

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Forschungsbericht 2017

In 2017 setzte das Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH (ATB) seine Strategie bei der Umsetzung anwendungsorientierter Forschung erfolgreich fort. Unter anderem zeigen die folgenden Indikatoren deutlich die Wirksamkeit des Ansatzes: ATB hat in den Ausschreibungen des aktuellen EU-Forschungsprogramms HORIZON…

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H2020 Project Qu4lity started

The Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) concept has been articulated more than forty years ago as an element of quality management and has been gradually adopted as a quality optimization discipline in the manufacturing chain. Manufacturers have been purchasing and deploying ZDM…

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