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H2020 Project SmashHit started!

The Horizon2020 project smashHit has officially started on 1st January 2020!

After the successful Kickoff-Meeting in Bremen the project consortium is now aiming to assure trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms, needed to build sectorial and cross-sectorial services, by establishing a Framework for processing of data owner consent and legal rules and effective contracting, as well as joint security and privacy preserving mechanisms.

The vision of smashHit is to overcome obstacles in the rapidly growing Data Economy which is characterized by heterogeneous technical designs and proprietary implementations, locking business opportunities due to the inconsistent consent and legal rules among different data-sharing platforms actors and operators.

The Framework will provide methods and tools, such as Smart Data Dispatcher, to assure common consent over data shared using semantic models of consent and legal rules. The new tools include traceability of use of data, data fingerprinting and automatic contracting among the data owners, data providers, service providers and users. These tools are specifically critical for enormous volumes on data streaming from the usage of mass products with cyber physical features (e.g. vehicles). These data streams offer new opportunities to build innovative services, but their combination with other personal and industrial data is subject to complex ownership and consent aspects, as the data streaming from these products belong to persons or organizations who are owners or users of the products.

The project will be based on the solutions developed or under development in previous and current projects (AutoMat, Cross-CPP, CAMPANEO, DALICC etc.). smashHit is driven by 2 industrial Business Cases involving several existing industrial and personal data platforms owned by the leading data providers in three diverse sectors (automotive industry, insurance, smart city), and will provide 3 demonstrators of various applications of the developed solutions.

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