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SOPRANO – Socially-Acceptable and Trustworthy Human-Robot Teaming for Agile Industries

We proudly announce the the launch of our new project, SOPRANO (Socially-Acceptable and Trustworthy Human-Robot Teaming for Agile Industries – GA 101120990), starting on the first of January 2024 with 19 other partners.

The project is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the European Commission’s research framework programme Horizon 2020, under the focus area “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”.

Manufacturing, construction, and agriculture are major driving forces for the European economy and prosperity. Maintaining its competitiveness in these sectors demands highly efficient and flexible processes, and this can be achieved through digitization.

The SOPRANO project coalesces multidisciplinary research and innovation in human-robot collaboration and intelligent multi-agent systems, aspiring to design the next generation of manufacturing floors, construction sites, and agri-food production, where humans and intelligent machines will seamlessly work together.

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