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DIAZI – Digitalisierung des Industrialisierungsprozesses in der Automobil- und Zulieferindustrie

We proudly announce the the launch of our new project, DIAZI (Digitalisierung des Industrialisierungsprozesses in der Automobil- und Zuliefer-Industrie), starting on the first of January 2023 with 9 other partners.

The project is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and the European Recovery and Resilience Facility(RRF.

The economic situation in the automotive and supplier industry is currently undergoing a major transformation and pressure to adapt. In particular, the strong dependence on the general economic situation and other sectors is causing increasing planning uncertainty. On one hand, this results from the transformation of the automotive industry towards electromobility, which means that the supplier industry must introduce new products into their production program and at the same time have to reduce capacities for components that are no longer in demand.

On the other hand, OEMs demand directly to their suppliers, which further intensifies these effects. In order to survive in this market environment, suppliers must increase their planning speed in order to be able to react flexibly and adapt to changing conditions.

The aim of this sub-project is the development of AI data models in production:

The sub-objective of the work package is to correlate the data packages obtained from sub-project 1 „Data acquisition/system integration“ and sub-project 2 „Virtual line planning“ and thus generate automated process models. This is intended to enable analyses based on historical data with the help of artificial intelligence in order to predict and forecast real-time data and thus significantly increase the agility and robustness of production.

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