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The Horizon Europe project ScaleAgData officially started in January 2023 as a joint initiative of 26 partner organisations, funded by the European Union. Today, we are confronted with substantial challenges in European agriculture. Productivity needs to be strengthened to meet an increasing demand and global competition, while mitigating the operation risks caused by an adversely changing climate. On the other hand, the huge environmental impact of agricultural practices through their land-use and Greenhouse Gas emissions needs to be remediated through enhanced regulations. In these perspectives the new European Green Deal has set out the new ambitious objectives for European Agriculture by 2050 through Farm to Fork (F2F) and biodiversity strategies. Meeting these challenges requires a detailed monitoring of the complete ecosystem, including the agricultural production sites itself, as well as the environment wherein this production occurs. In this perspective of competitiveness and sustainability, more information is needed to optimise the production process and to evaluate the environmental impact and effectiveness of this optimisation (e.g., tillage practices). However, with the current digital transformation trend in the agricultural production process, there is an enormous and underexplored potential of the sensors that are increasingly being deployed by farmers and the advisory service providers.

Therefore, the main vision of the ScaleAgData project is to obtain insights in how the complex data streams should be governed and organized, as well as to develop the data technology (from data streaming, data analytics to artificial intelligence applications) needed to scale data collected at the farm level to regional datasets built for agri-environmental monitoring and the management of agricultural production.

In the scope of ScaleAgData, ATB is leading the so-called “Research and Innovation Lab Dairy”, in which ATB is working together with Germany’s largest dairy cooperative DMK (Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH) and OHB Digital Services GmbH, provider of satellite-based digital services. This working group aims to integrate EO data related to agricultural parameters, focusing on the production of animal feed crops, with in-situ sensor data collected in the dairy chain, ranging from feed production to the measurement of milk quality. Based on this data, the aim is to develop services for the dairy chain that facilitate agri-environmental monitoring and improving the overall efficiency.


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