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The Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services from consultancy services to development of “turnkey” customized software solutions. Problems are always solved based on a dedicated expert analysis. Starting from the specific problems of the customer an implementation concept and solution are developed by selecting optimal application-related systems engineering methods and processes and the most appropriate tools.

Competencies and innovation of ATB are the result of expertise of high qualified staff with experience gained in close cooperation with its shareholders, many regional, national and international industrial partners and research institutions in numerous research projects with systems engineering topics.

Systems technology is an engineering science which is based on the systematic application of optimal methods, procedures and tools for design, development, improvement and operation of systems. Systems in this context means all types of technical systems as well as organizational structures. Characteristic of systems technology is that problems are observed holistically and, based on it, solved optimally. Our research and development are done strictly in accordance with this systems technology credo.

Following this approach several core competencies were developed:

  • Using of adequate technologies and software
  • Implementation of software solutions based on Java and .NET.
  • Interactive Web applications realized, among others,  with AJAX in PHP, Servlet / JSP or ASP.NET and state-of-the-art frameworks
  • Using predominantly open source software
  • Solutions are always adopted to the presented problems in the context of the client’s applications, so as to enable the best possible integration into existing systems.

ATB has many years of practical experience in various industrial sectors (e.g. mechanical engineering, automotive). In all areas the successful technical collaboration with our customers / partners is the central point.

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