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Digital mock-up (DMU) has been the automotive industry best practice
that for many years has enabled many engineers from different disciplines to
collaborate in the virtual world to define future real products better. However,
until now this has been static – i.e. it did not take much account of product
behaviour. In particular, the dynamic behaviour of embedded systems and
software was neither managed nor simulated in DMU. The purpose of
MODELISAR is to introduce functional mock-up (FMU), a next generation of
methods, standards and tools to support collaborative design, simulation and test
of systems and embedded software.
The objectives of MODELISAR are threefold, to:
1. Enable concurrent design of embedded systems and software, leveraging stateof-the-art
• The open Modelica language for component-oriented systems modelling and simulation; and
• The AUTOSAR standard for automotive embedded software.
2. Define advanced runtime interoperability interfaces to enable
open co-simulation between virtual product models, especially in Modelica,
and the executable embedded software, with various configurations.
3. Deliver a smooth, traceable and integrated process for embedded
systems and software across the product life, based on Dassault
Systèmes V6 Product Life Management (PLM).

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