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The project IntelLEO aims to support learning and knowledge building of adult workers in extended organisations that temporarily integrate different business or educational communities.

An Intelligent Learning Extended Organisation (IntelLEO) is a new paradigm representing a community that emerges as temporal integration of two or more different business and educational communities and organisational cultures (industrial, research and educational) and leverages ICT technologies to support learning and knowledge building activities.
The objective of this project is to explore supportive technologies for cross-organisational collaborative learning and knowledge building activities. The technological developments will be embedded in a pedagogical framework that puts a special focus on the harmonisation of individual and organisational objectives.

The pedagogical framework
For successful collaborative learning and knowledge building activities, the motivation of the individual is crucial. Important motivational factors for collaborative activities and knowledge sharing are ownership, autonomy, positive feedback, trust, personal contact, etc. The pedagogical experts in IntelLEO are defining a framework of activities and processes that take these factors into account and create an environment where the individual as well as the organisational needs are equally considered.

The technological framework
The envisioned services that the IntelLEO technological frame will support are: management of social interactions, provision of learning resources, support of appropriate learning and knowledge building activities for individuals and groups, scaffolding of the learning process of individuals in accordance with organisation objectives and policy.
The new services will be validated within three different IntelLEO environments (business cases), involving various actors from business and educational organisations. Since the three contexts for validation are very heterogeneous, a main
challenge for IntelLEO is to identify a set of common services that will be enhanced by specific customisations for each specific case.
Finally, the project will also take a look at the broader socio-economic context – beyond the three specific cases – in order to identify the possible applicability and usefulness of the proposed IntelLEO approach.

Expected final results

The project will provide:

  • a new implementation framework, taking into account the best social constructivist and situated learning practices in collaborative learning and knowledge building and focusing on motivational aspects;
  • an ontological framework for learning context representation, allowing for synergies between learning and knowledge building and harmonisation services;
  • generic and widely applicable so-called core services, fitting state of the art principles, for managing
    collaborative learning and knowledge building activities and contents in an IntelLEO environment.

Main results of the first year:

  1. State of the art analysis for identifying the methods/tools that are relevant for the IntelLEO solution and key innovation needs;
  2. Analysis and definition of three business cases in order to identify the users‘ needs in different cross-organisational settings;
  3. Definition of the IntelLEO Concept;
  4. Early Prototype of the IntelLEO core services, framework and architecture

More information under: http://www.intelleo.eu/

IntelLeo has received funding from the European Union’s RP 7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 231590

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