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The main objective of the project was to provide a means for an advanced innovation process management and facilitated innovation introduction in SMEs belonging to the manufacturing sector. The main objective of the training developed within the project is to increase SME innovation through the implementation of practices supporting process of introducing of innovation in the company. Training curriculum includes content related to the acquisition of new ideas and knowledge to improve the enterprise, the development of its products, stimulating industrial innovation, customer interaction, shared use of knowledge and innovation process management methods. To realize project goals INNOVATRAIN TRANSFER project aimed to transfer and adapt the existing results from a successful projects INNOVATRAIN and AIM.INNOVATRAIN was a successful project implemented in different regions all around Spain. The main objective was to push and improve the innovation and internationalisation processes of local SMEs belonging to the manufacturing sector. In order to do that, INNOVATRAIN created its own method combining online training and technical R&D support as two key elements in the way of SMEs to the international markets. The project AIM – Acceleration of Innovative Ideas to Market goal was the development of a system to support the collection of innovative ideas and relevant knowledge throughout the extended enterprise for new and existing process and product developments, and to develop these ideas and knowledge into a means of fostering industrial innovations.Partners enriched transferred INNOVATRAIN methodology through elaboration of new learning bilingual scenarios including classical training, blended training, distant training. New ICT features including web 2.0 possibilities for increasing effectivity of learning through contact between pupils, teachers and consultants, not only during course. After the end of training participants shall be able to collaborate as users of developed ICT platform and share knowledge and experiences with a mutual benefit to the whole sector.

More information under: http://www.innovatrain-transfer.piap.pl/

INNOVATRAIN has received funding from the European Union’s Leonardo da Vinci programme under grant agreement no. 224250

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