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EXTREMEFACTORIES is a set of tools that allows a company to simply and effectively set-up, monitor and follow-up a business innovation process. ExtremeFactories is targeted to industrial SMEs and is made up of two key elements, a great and user-friendly web-based platform, and a comprehensive set of methodologies and tools -compiled in an illustrated case-based workbook-, from which any SME can get inspiration and skills to manage their innovation process.

ExtremeFactories is a EU funded project. As such, it has a high focus on innovation. The web-platform includes semantic capabilities (ontologies) that provide their own intelligence to the system, allowing it to infer its users needs and make suggestions. Ontologies also allow the system to make the user experience more relevant, suggesting and prompting alternative routes to their innovation needs.

The platform will support SMEs who are innovating in a networked environment, also taking into account their internal and external partners, by enabling open, multiple-stakeholder innovation (i.e. customer, provider, supplier, employee focused innovation).

More information under: http://www.extremefactories.eu/

Extreme-Factories has received funding from the European Union’s RP 7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 285164

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