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The goal is to add functionality to existing product/process planning systems to enable engineers to collaboratively design energy-efficient and environmentally optimal discrete manufacturing processes and generate appropriate advanced monitoring and decision-making services to support manufacturing plants to ensure optimal environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of the process.Industrial companies have invested resources to make their products as energy efficient as possible. There is a lack of ICT systems/tools to support product/process design for plant energy efficiency. A critical issue in optimizing the energy consumption of manufacturing processes is the availability of knowledge about the actual energy consumption patterns in such processes. Intelligent environment (AmI) systems integrated in manufacturing plants can support the energy efficiency of processes through advanced services and provide this knowledge to optimize process design from an energy efficiency point of view. A generic methodology and SOA-based context-aware services are developed that can be easily integrated into existing design systems: Energy Dependency Selector – planning in the pre-design phase what equipment to use to meet both specifications and energy efficiency over the life cycle of the process for eco-design using TRIZ methodology, Energy Monitoring Setup – design of AmI systems and advanced services, to ensure the energy efficiency of the installed process, Energy Analyser – multifactorial and multivariable optimization of the energy efficiency of the process, Energy Simulator – what-if scenarios over the life cycle with stochastic inputs are simulated to quantify the impact of different configurations. 3 Existing product/process design systems will be extended to include these generic SW services, and such integrated solutions will be tested for collaborative design using data from real production environments. The goal is to reduce energy consumption in the redesigned processes by at least 15%.

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