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The MAESTRI project aims to promote the sustainability of the European manufacturing and process industries. It does this by providing a management system in the form of a flexible and scalable platform and by guiding and facilitating the implementation of an innovative approach, the Total Efficiency Framework. The overall goal of this framework is to foster a culture of improvement in the process industry by supporting the decision-making process, encouraging the development of improvement strategies, and helping to prioritize how to improve the environmental and economic performance of the business. The framework is developed and validated through application in four real-world industrial environments across a variety of activity areas.
The Total Efficiency Framework will be based on four main pillars to overcome current barriers and promote sustainable improvements: a) an effective management system targeting process and continuous improvements; b) efficiency assessment tools to define improvement and optimization strategies and support decision-making processes; c) integration with an industrial symbiosis toolkit focusing on material and energy exchange; d) a software platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) to facilitate the implementation of the concept and ensure integrated control of the improvement process.
Over a four-year period, the project will deliver actionable results divided into technological outcomes (including eco-innovative products, processes and services tailored to industrial end-users) and structured solutions (synergistically combining technical, economic, legislative and policy solutions).

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