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The strategic objective of CuteLoop is to explore how Intelligent Networked Devices such as enhanced RFID-based systems, can be used to effectively ‚integrate customers within an Integrated Enterprise‘ and with this provide an important step towards ‚real‘ Integrated, Real Time Enterprise. Such integrated real time enterprise, having customers as integrated drivers, needs, on one side, highly flexible and dynamic business interconnections to react dynamically and agile, on the other side a highly intensive and just-in-time exchange of knowledge/experience among Large Enterprises (LEs), SMEs and customers.CuteLoop intends to explore how to radically improve the interaction of diverse actors in the integrated enterprise, specifically including customers as an integral part of these complex relationships, while focusing on the usage of „Networked Devices Enabled Intelligence“ to realise distributed and autonomous control of business processes.CuteLoop is aiming at realisation of a holistic approach on:- an innovative architecture by integration of event-driven and SOA based principles,- intelligent and agile agents combined with an event-driven architecture,- decentralised and self-evolving approach for assuring security and trust as well as supporting a customer oriented privacy of data- new interaction models and patterns for the real time enterprise.CuteLoop intends to address these problems in an SME driven integrated enterprise scenario (focusing specifically upon small and micro enterprises), which is, due to its high complexity and requested flexibility, the most critical scenario from both technical and organisational/business points of view. CuteLoop is focusing on small and micro enterprises in two sectors: construction and food industry.

More information under: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/85339_en.html

CuteLoop has received funding from the European Union’s RP 6 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 216420

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