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FIspace – Successfully finalizing the project

The EU funded project FIspace was finalized successfully. 38 partners from 12 countries developed a solution to simplify the cooperative work along the agri-food chain. A modular “Software as a Service” platform was developed. It facilitates the implementation of new features for collaborative work in supply chains, requiring less effort and time.

The experimental FIspace platform is also open to interested developers for first experiments. The so called “Experimentation Environment” is accessible on the website for developers. At the same time, it offers also a first impression for potential end-users. Thereby, FIspace triggers cooperation within the organization and can simplify workflows beyond business boundaries. So new software applications can be added successively and completely new business models can be evolve. 

Actual work was focusing on the business domains of agriculture, food-chain, transport and logistics. Furthermore, the commercial exploitation is initiated by the project partners.


FIspace project:  

“Experimentation Environment”:

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