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XR5.0 Human-Centric AI-Enabled Extended Reality Applications for the Industry 5.0 Era

We proudly announce the the launch of our new project, XR5.0 (Human-Centric AI-Enabled Extended Reality Applications for the Industry 5.0 Era – GA 101135209), starting on the first of January 2024 with 24 other partners.

The project is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the European Commission’s research framework programme Horizon 2020, under the focus area “Emerging enabling technologies”.

XR5.0 will build, demonstrate, and validate a novel Person-Centric and AI-based XR paradigm that will be tailored to the requirements and nature of I5.0 applications. In this direction, the project will specify structuring principles and blueprints for using XR in I5.0 applications with emphasis on the development of innovative “XR-made-in-Europe” technology that blends with human-centric manufacturing technologies and adheres to European values.

Moreover, they will be integrated to the EU XR platform to be developed as part of the call. Most importantly, XR5.0 will build a vibrant community of interested stakeholders around the project’s outcomes. This community will provide a basis for the sustainability and wider uptake of the project’s results towards maximising the impact of the project’s use cases. In this direction, all XR5.0 technologies will be high TRL>=7-8 and ready for immediate commercialisation.

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