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Research project e-DASH launched

FP7-2011-ICT-GC – e-DASH – Electricity Demand and Supply Harmonizing for EVs

The e-DASH project was launched in the scope of Green Car Public Private Partnership Programmes initiated by the European Commission ( The project aims at the harmonization of electricity demand in Smart Grids for sustainable integration of electric vehicles.

Targeted is the provision of intelligent system solution, enabling a predictive and well scheduled charge control in respect to vehicle and driver needs, to spatial and temporal grid needs and capacities, availability of renewable energy and price for electric energy.

The three year project is coordinated by Volkswagen AG in close cooperation with ERPC GmbH and ATB. The ELVIRE consortium consists of 14 partners from 6 European member states. Among others it associates key European vehicle manufacturers (Volkswagen AG, Renault, Fiat) and leading electricity providers (RWE, Endesa). Together, with further leading representatives from Industry and the European research community the project team will provide all expertise to tackle the project’s R&T challenges.

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