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Research project SmartAgriFood launched

The SmartAgriFood project was launched in the scope of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership Programmes initiated by the European Commission ( Based on the cooperation of 21 European organisations, it shall be investigated on how the “Future Internet potentials” can help to:

  • better assure safe and healthy food supplies to the consumers,
  • more efficiently use agri-food resources as well as
  • avoid to waste food products throughout the food chain before they are reaching the consumers.

In the future, such potentials could contribute to faster and more efficient handle problems due to crises caused by bacteria like EHEC or contamination with toxins such as dioxin.
Project coordination is realised in close cooperation of ATB with the Dutch institute DLO that relates to the Wageningen group. Project partners are from Germany, Finland, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom. The project is scheduled for two years and shall elaborate requirements for the “Future Internet”, conceptual prototypes will be tested and the broader experimentation of potential solutions are prepared.
The elaborated results will be compiled on FI-PPP programme level in close cooperation with the other 10 projects with an overall number of 158 partners to derive innovative business models that strengthen the competitive position of European industry in sectors such as telecommunication, mobile devices, software and services, and content provision and media.

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