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The main objective of U-QASAR is to create a flexible quality assurance, control and measurement methodology to quantify the quality of Internet-related software development projects and the resulting products. The methodology is supported by an Internet solution composed of multiple knowledge services based on open standards and capable of adapting themselves to rapid changes in scope and requirements, allowing accurate quality measurement at any time.
The U-QASAR Internet services will monitor the various phases of the software development process and interoperate with existing applications and systems to provide quantitative information about the quality of each process, the project as a whole, and the resulting products. The real-time data gathered by U-QASAR monitoring services will be used by software engineers, designers, developers, testers, and managers alike for a variety of purposes. In this sense, software engineers, developers and testers will be able to quickly correct insufficient trends in design, development and testing, project managers will be able to schedule deliveries with the agreed quality level and clients will be able to predict the cost and quality of future projects. This leads to a high level of automation in the software quality management (SQM) process and avoids the traditional problems of data collection and analysis in traditional measurement and SQM processes (e.g., difficulties in proving completeness, accuracy, and integrity of data). The U-QASAR methodology and platform is evaluated in two contrasting business cases to validate results under different conditions. The first business case involves a large software company developing large Internet projects using the RUP methodology. The second business case concerns an SME developing complex projects using the Agile methodology.

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