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Qu4lity – Standardization needs and requirements towards AQ & ZDM

Standardization needs and requirements towards AQ & ZDM
4th of February

In the framework of DFA´s Zero-X Digital Manufacturing initiative, #Qu4lity project, the biggest European project dedicated to Autonomous Qu4lity (AQ) and Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) in the Industry 4.0, is organising a series of Open Dialogues of high interest for the industry!

Industry 4.0 stakeholders feature an unprecedented level of automation, where different systems must be able to communicate and interact along the value chain. Building #secure#maintainable and #efficient solutions requires implementation of relevant #standards.

✅ The objective of this event is to exchange views, share information on various methods and techniques, as well as best practices that can be applied to identify standardization needs for compliance and interoperability to advance digital technologies in AQ and ZDM.

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