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Research Report for 2015

In 2015 the Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH (ATB) successfully continued its strategy for the implementation of applied research. Among others, the following indicators clearly show the effectiveness of the approach:

  • ATB successfully acquired two additional important research projects in the calls of the current EU research framework programme HORIZON 2020. These new projects address the topics mobile and collaborative services in innovation (SOCRATIC project) and energy efficiency in production (MAESTRI project), which were already explored by ATB in the last few years. This is a clear indication that the approach taken by ATB to define RTD activities, taking into account both industrial needs and advanced technology developments, proves to be appropriate to accomplish ATB’s mission and promises to be well-suited for the current EU programme. Major R&D topics that emerged in the last years – Context Awareness, Mobile & Collaborative Services and Intelligent Middleware as well as Big Data Analytics – continue to be highly relevant for both industrial and research communities. 
  • ATB successfully acquired and carried out eight projects projects directly funded by industry, where the Institute is solving short and mediumterm problems of its industrial partners based on advanced application-oriented research such as advanced software engineering methods, innovative knowledge management, Internet solutions and mobile services.
  • The Institute has successfully continued the work on eight research projects from the past 7th EU Research Framework programme. Five projects, namely EPES, FIspace, LifeSaver, NewBee and U-QASAR, have been finished successfully in 2015. In addition ATB has started its first two projects (DIVERSITY and AutoMat) in the current EU research framework programme HORIZON 2020. 

The research report can be downloaded here.

Dr.-Ing. Dragan Stokic

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