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Project U-QASAR successfully ended in November 2015

On November 11th 2015, the European research project U-QASAR (“Universal Quality Assurance & Control Services for Internet Applications with Volatile Requirements and Contexts”) ended very successfully after the final review meeting at the European Commission in Brussels.

Main objective of U-QASAR ( was to create a flexible Quality Assurance, Control and Measurement Methodology to measure the quality of Internet-related software development projects and their resulting products. The methodology is supported by an Internet solution composed of several knowledge services based on open standards that is able to detect changes in the scope and require-ments of an Internet application (or changes in its development process) and provide the adequate set of assessments to deliver an accurate measurement of the quality of the process and product at any time.

The U-QASAR Services monitor the different stages of the software development process, interoperating with the existing applications and systems to provide quantitative information about the quality of each phase (i.e. project management, requirements gathering, functional and technical design, development and testing), the project as a whole and the resulting product.

  •  U-QASAR Analysis Services
  • U-QASAR Monitoring Services
  • U-QASAR Reporting & Visualization Services
  • U-QASAR Enhancement Services
  • U-QASAR Utility Services

Data obtained in real-time by the U-QASAR monitoring services are used in an indistinctive way by software engineers, designers, developers, testers and managers alike for different purposes. In that sense software engineers, developers and testers are able to rapidly correct inadequate trends in design, development and testing, project managers are able to schedule deliveries with the agreed level of quality and IT directors are able to forecast the cost and quality of future projects.

After the period of 3 years (Oct. 2012 – Sept.2015), the project results in a very comprehensive methodology for creating quality models for software enterprises, an accompanying webbook ( with guidelines for practitioners of the U-QASAR concepts and an open-source and free to use web platform, which is already available on GitHub ( and ready to be cloned and installed.

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The U-QASAR consortium involved 8 partners from 5 European countries, namely from Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway and Luxembourg.

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