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Project SAFIRE started in October

In traditional models of manufacturing, the information flow from product design, over production processes, to the manufactured product has been strictly unidirectional. The production equipment “blindly” executes tasks that have no direct relationship to the concepts that are present in…

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Research Report for 2015

In 2015 the Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH (ATB) successfully continued its strategy for the implementation of applied research. Among others, the following indicators clearly show the effectiveness of the approach:

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Project CITADEL started in June

The CITADEL project will build on the MILS technology accomplishments of D-MILS and Euro-MILS, and perform the research and development necessary to create adaptive MILS systems. We propose to use adaptive MILS in new and evolving adaptive systems contexts having …

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FInish Food Safety Challenge

The “FInish Food Safety Challenge” is dedicated to the design and development of software applications that can transform unsorted data/information from different sources into a compact and easy to read overview. This is targeting at the core of the agri-food …

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