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FInish Food Safety Challenge

The “FInish Food Safety Challenge” is dedicated to the design and development of software applications that can transform unsorted data/information from different sources into a compact and easy to read overview. This is targeting at the core of the agri-food supply chain as well as connected business domains. Relevant sources include e.g.: SPS measures of the World Trade Organization, RASFF – Food and Feed Safety Alerts of the European Commission, EFSA reporting based on reasons, opinions, reasoned opinions, conclusions, etc. or also regulatory announcements. Relevant information from these sources is embedded in data bases with broader scope or provided through unsorted e-mails and related communication alternatives. The envisaged solutions should collect the relevant data (most optimally from all relevant), sort it according to relevant business needs, and transform it into focused and easy to grasp user information. Therefore, the focus of the FInish Food Safety Challenge lays on data processing programs which analyses and sorts the data of different structured and unstructured data sources. Based on the aggregated data, agri-food enterprises shall get a clear overview on risks for their products, recalls or other production related topics. 

The Challenge follows a two-step procedure, which starts with an open workshop on May, 10th 2016 in Bonn, Germany. This workshop will offer the participants to meet representatives from associations and companies active in the fruit and vegetable sector as well as experts in the FIWARE ecosystem to get detailed information about the challenge. 

This workshop will help to prepare the proposals that shall be submitted until May 25th 2016 18:00 CET. These proposals will be evaluated and the top 5 ideas will be invited to the decision workshop on June, 7th 2016 where a jury will select the final winner of the challenge. 

The winning team will receive a maximum of EURO 50.000 for covering their development costs. All teams that have been invited for producing and presenting a mock-up solution at a decision workshop will receive a first prize of EURO 2.000.

Download the FInish Food Safety Challenge Announcement 

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