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The AutoMat project started in April

The core intention of the AutoMat project is to establish a novel and open ecosystem in the form of a cross-border “Vehicle Big Data Marketplace” that leverages up-to-now unused information gathered from connected vehicles. The interface to the marketplace will be based on a brand independent Common Vehicle Information Model (CVIM) that allows to make mined and anonymous vehicle data accessible to cross-sectorial industries for usage in interdisciplinary applications. With today’s proprietary approaches focusing on bringing services into vehicles and the applied ignorance regarding customer privacy concerns, this major business potential is still locked, because the automotive industry has not yet been able to establish an open service ecosystem equivalent to the ones in the smart phone industry.

With the huge amount of volatile data from vehicles, the AutoMat ecosystem heavily builds upon current trends in Big Data technologies in order to enable novel cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary B2B and B2C services and applications. The proposed AutoMat ecosystem therefore will enable and stimulate parties from very different industries and sectors to closely collaborate with each other by focusing on their field of expertise. As opposed to today’s proprietary systems, which primarily focus on vehicle-driver-centric services, bringing services and content into the vehicles, the AutoMat project focuses on what vehicles and their data can provide to the outside world. 

By defining a vehicle data value chain, the proposed AutoMat ecosystem will enable and stimulate parties from different sectors to focus on their core businesses and to intensify collaboration with other partners. AutoMat therefore may serve as incubator for new business opportunities, strengthening Europe’s position as provider of innovative cross-sectorial and cross-border Big Data services. The latter aspect will be actively stimulated during the project by an Open Service Contest based upon the AutoMat Big Data ecosystem.

Within the project, ATB will support the operational and scientific project coordination and has also a strong involvement in requirements analysis, use case definition as well as specification and development of QoS-adaptive and embedded data mining principles and OEM backend data harvesting and analytics approaches. The challenge is to capture and process the estimated ~4000 CAN-Bus signals/second from inside today’s vehicles w.r.t. technical limitations and service provider needs. Furthermore, ATB will support the service provider METEOGroup in the specification and development of hyper local meteorological services based on vehicle data. 

The AutoMat consortium includes 11 partners, out of which 3 are large OEMs, 5 are RTD partners, 1 is a large ICT vendor and 2 are service providers, coming from 5 European Union member states (DE, FR, IT, ES, NL). 

Project title: „"Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services"

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