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FIspace Platform enabling B2B Collaboration

The FIspace project is developing an Internet platform that will support and facilitate the business to business collaboration of commercial organisations. For being able to do so, the platform is not just asking for involving individuals like other social media platforms are doing, but focusing on the commercial interaction of the organisations themselves. ATB as deputy coordinator of the FIspace project is specifically involved in the development of the platform front-end as well as in the components for legacy system integration. Moreover, the FIspace platform is enabling the usage of additional apps. As for other well-known platforms, those apps can be realised by external software developers. The platform is allowing their usage and integration with other apps. At the same time, the apps can use the platform features like B2B collaboration, security/privacy/trust as well as the front-end integration. By reusing those platform features, the app developers can save efforts. Moreover, this will facilitate the integration of same apps running at different organisations as well as the integration of different apps.

ATB is already involved in the development of initial apps. At the current moment ATB develops the so called PIA – product information app – it serves for the exchange of food product quality related information along food supply chains. PIA shall facilitate the electronic exchange of information in complex networks of business partners as well as enable the decentralised storage of information for sake of privacy and data protection. Information will only be stored under supervisory of the concerned organisation, having full control of the access by external parties. At the same time, we are planning integration with other apps that will provide additional features as well as an added value for the different business partners.

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