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The objective is to provide an innovative comprehensive SW solution, following the Web 2.0 principles, to extend products of automation systems and electrical equipment manufacturer SMEs acting on the global market. Such solution will allow: – ICT and service engineering vendor SMEs to provide a new SW system highly competitive at the ICT market – equipment manufacturer SMEs – first users of such SW system to strengthen their competitiveness at the global market by providing new product & customer support services and enabling new business models. User SMEs need to extend their products with different product & customer support services, such as: condition based maintenance, problem solving, equipment reconfiguration services etc., and to be able to cost–effectively provide these services to customers distributed world-wide. An essential aspect of such product extension services (PES) is that they require a means for efficient collaboration of different actors in a supply chain and customers, within a geographically distributed extended enterprise context. Users need ICT solutions which will allow smooth transition from the current (mostly locally oriented) service provision, to provision of services at global market, partly in ‘virtual world’. The consortium includes 3 ICT vendors and 3 user SMEs, equipment & automation system providers. WEB2SME will provide a means (system, SW services for collaborative work and knowledge sharing, and a set of service engineering tools etc.) for globally acting SMEs to effectively build/maintain PES. The objective is to enable, following the WEB 2.0 principles, non-IT experts in SMEs to effectively create/manage such PES in order to meet dynamically changing needs of their customers. The ICT solution affordable for SMEs (low cost, easy-to-integrate) will be developed based on advanced Service Oriented Architecture paradigm. The solution will be first applied in 3 user SMEs, serving as demonstrators of the project results.

More information under: https://cordis.europa.eu/result/rcn/58251_en.html

Web2SME has received funding from the European Union’s RP 7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 232125

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