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The proposal is addressing the need of European manufacturing companies of a new model that go beyond lean manufacturing to ensure the transformation of the enterprise into lean environment. This is to response to the customers and market demands of value creation incorporating sustainability, culture and customisation. A significant change in enterprise performance can come from the adoption of lean thinking throughout the entire product life cycle. The aim is to develop a new model based on lean thinking that will consider entire product life cycle, providing a knowledge based environment to support value creation to the customers in term of innovation and customisation, quality as well as sustainable and affordable products. This will be called Lean Product and Process Development (LeanPPD) paradigm. The required knowledge for value creation in LeanPPD model will be developed based on the European standard and open architecture to ensure data and knowledge integrity and to provide a lean environment across the product life cycle and the supply chain. The project proposes to develop novel set-based lean design tools that ensure the concurrent consideration and development of lean product design as well as it associated lean manufacturing system. The user driven approach will be ensured by the six business cases (BC) provided by the end-users from different sectors in the consortium. These BCs will serve to derive requirements upon the tools, methodology and models being developed , to test the solutions developed and will serve as industrial demonstrators of the proposed concept.

More information under: http://www.leanppd.eu/

LeanPPD has received funding from the European Union’s RP 7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 214090

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