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The aim of the project AsKoWi is an assistant system, that provides users situation and task directed relevant information in a collaborative work environment. The appropriate information is determined by the system based on a classification that does not need to be proceeded by the user as usual, but is deduced of the observation of the co-workers acting, the knowledge interactions and the Information spread throughout the net. Objects of the observation are PDM/PLM-Systems (Product Data Management/ Product Life cycle Management), which are used at the development of complex products for the steering of Product Data and processes. Several persons participate on the development of a product, who with PDM/PSL and further systems are provided a big data- und knowledgebase. The AsKoWi-Assistance system will expand the existing knowledge management systems. For this purpose the already existing information is gathered from different sources and set into the context of the respective user to deliver the best possible results for the USERS/Operators, without any need of complex search masks. The expansion of existing knowledge management systems requires a high modurality in the architectural solution. For this, one condition is the ability docking the different external modules. The results of this research proposal shall flow into future product generations of the PDM/PLM platform CIM DATABASE of the Contact Software Company. The marketing of the new CIM DATABASE-module promises a significant potential.

As possible users, the partners have specially the automobile industry as well as in the mechanical and plant engineering industry in mind, with their strong on division of labour based  development and production processes, but also energy suppliers, the telecommunication branch and other infrastructure operators.

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