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“LifeSaver” and “EPES” presented at the KES SDM’2014 conference in Cardiff

A common session of the projects “LifeSaver” and “EPES” was held at the International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (KES SDM’2014), which took place in Cardiff, Wales, UK on 28, 29 & 30 April 2014. The invited session was titled "Sustainable Products and Processes", featuring two papers about LifeSaver and two papers about EPES. ATB contributed two papers and presented them to an interested audience in Cardiff:

  • "Platform Using Contextualized Energy Consumption Data to Provide Energy-Efficiency Related Decision Support for Manufacturing Industry"
    G. Große Hovest, C. Wolff, K. Nagorny, U. Nauber, K. Krone
  • "Eco Process Engineering System for Highly Customized Industrial Products, Processes and Services"
    S. Scholze, C. Grama, O. Kotte
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