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New project CREDITS4HEALTH started in September

Main goal of the CREDITS4HEALTH project is to develop a person-centric approach to have people living in Euro-Mediterranean countries directly acting for their health and well-being.
The project will define personalised algorithms containing dietary and physical activity prescriptions, taking into account the medical, psychological, social, and economic background of each person. Participants will be able to track their compliance to the regime through a dedicated web-based platform and to get access to a full range of certified suppliers, which offer goods for fulfilling health-related objectives. Periodic mandatory assessment performed by the Credits4Health Committee will allow for modification and fine-tuning of the algorithms to the needs of the individual participant.
Within the project ATB will be responsible for requirement analysis, use case definition, and development of the Decision Support System (DSS). Specifically, ATB will be in charge of the functionalities of the DSS. ATB will also strongly contribute to the overall system architecture, the building blocks/components, data flow, and workflow.
The project consortium consists of 15 partners from five countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

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