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LeanPPD project finished successfully

The research project LeanPPD, which was funded within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, successfully finished in the beginning of 2013.
LeanPPD project addressed the need of European manufacturing companies for a new model that goes beyond lean manufacturing to ensure the transformation of the enterprise into lean environment. The aim of LeanPPD was to develop a new model based on lean thinking to consider the entire product life cycle, providing a knowledge based environment to support value creation to the customers through innovation and customization, and delivering high quality, more sustainable and affordable products.
The LeanPPD project developed a comprehensive set of lean methods, design techniques, and tools that ensure the concurrent consideration and development of lean product design as well as the associated lean manufacturing systems. This set composes the LeanPPD Model.

More information is available at the LeanPPD homepage.

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