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The SmartAgriFood project is part of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) program and addresses farming, agri-logistics and food awareness as a use case for this. The intelligence, efficiency, sustainability and performance of the agri-food sector can be radically enhanced by using information & decision support systems that are tightly integrated with advanced internet-based networks & services. Concurrently, the sector provides use cases for Future Internet design from physical layer all the way up to the service layer.
This project focuses on three sub systems of the sector:

  • smart farming, focussing on sensors and traceability;
  • smart agri-logistics, focusing on real-time virtualisation, connectivity and logistics intelligence;
  • smart food awareness, focussing on transparency of data and knowledge representation.

Using a user-centred methodology, the use case specification will be developed with a particular focus on transparency and interoperability of data and knowledge across the food supply chain.

Project results will include:

  • Use Case descriptions for smart farming, including sophisticated and robust broadband sensing and monitoring of animals and plants;
  • Use Case descriptions for smart agri-logistics, including intelligent transport and real-time logistics of agri-food products;
  • Use Case descriptions of smart food awareness, focussing enabling the consumer with information concerning safety, health, environmental impact and animal welfare;
  • Identification of generic requirements for generic enablers;
  • Extensive community and user organisation involvement both in requirements gathering, pilot demonstration and evaluation;
  • Specification of interfaces and functionalities for integration to Core Platform (see FI-Ware project);
  • Significant contributions to standardisation and regulatory bodies in Europe.

More information under: smartagrifood.eu/

Smart AgriFood has received funding from the European Union’s RP 7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 285326

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